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Identico is  a leading system and application integrator in the area of Voice Biometric software with specialisation in the area of Password Resets where we provide flexible solutions across a range of Line of Business Applications including Active Directory, LDAP, SAP, Novell and Oracle  


Headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, our team of voice biometric engineers, application architects, developers, and professional services personnel have been working together since 2010. Identico has customers in multiple countries and a growing network of technical partners and Value-Added Resellers (VARs).


We are proud to be European Re-Seller for Armorvox Speaker Identity System.  Leveraging overr27 years of research and innovation, Armovox has become a world leader in the evaluation, optimization and configuration of multi-factor voice authentication solutions for Banking and Finance, Telecommunications and Retail industries.

Identico Solutions provide:


  • A voice solution platform for enabling unified communications

  • An enrolment platform for voice and other biometrics

  • A verification interface which allows voice verification to be added to any existing application

  • A mobile toolkit to enable voice biometric enrolment and verification to be added to any application Using Voice And Unified Communications To Deliver Identity As A Service.

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